The Asian Gospel


Once upon a time, I laid in bed with my fuckbuddy cuddled against me. She was a staunch feminist, having studied at Berkeley, and was at that moment lamenting the fact that some social justice movement or another wasn’t finding much traction. I remember telling her something along the lines of: “At least this movement even exists and has people fighting for its cause. I’ve dealt with racism throughout my entire dating life, and no one speaks out for me. Worse, this behavior is normalized and accepted.” She looked at me and replied, “It’s not fair and shouldn’t be like this, but you need to stop being a victim and realize that you have agency in this situation. If you want something to change, you need to be proactive and make it happen.”

She was right, of course. Social justice movements aren’t spontaneously combusted into existence along lines of injustice. They’re founded by people with visions of a better world, often in direct opposition to existing currents of social ideology. In my case, I realized that social justice would never recognize my own struggles in the sexual marketplace, and, in many ways, that fact was a gift that saved me from a frame of mind in which I could/would be saved by external forces (social justice). I faced an ultimatum: either give up (pseudo-inceldom), or stand and fight.

With my back against the wall, I chose the only logical choice. The last years of my life have been spent learning different modalities of game. I experimented with daygame in the Midwest, social circle game on the West Coast, and even some nightgame in Asia. I read books, met mentors in the community, and the results started to trickle in.

However, personal success was not fulfilling on its own. I thought back to that fuckbuddy, and realized that she was right: I would have to fight for the representation and justice that I wanted to see in the world. In my eyes, to spread the Asian Gospel is to live a strong, masculine life as an Asian man. In the direct context of this blog, this means learning pickup skills and fucking beautiful women. Beyond the scope of pickup, it means leading other people, staying fit, speaking articulately, and generally living a quality life. My personal brand of social justice is change through living well, being a role model of success for the world to see. Asian men are stereotyped as weak and asexual to the extent that we allow those stereotypes to flourish.

There are three primary audiences for the Asian Gospel:

  1. Fellow Asians

“Be proud of your identity. We’re studying at an elite university; if people can learn complicated math, they can learn the two syllables of my name.”

—Zhang Wei

In my social circle, there was a stunning brunette named “Belle” who had a reputation as an ice queen. When she strode into a conversational circle, the air itself seemed to slow— this was the sheer impact of her persona. I found her physically beautiful (like any other straight guy in the circle), but I never felt able to thaw her icy exterior enough to ask her out. Imagine my surprise, then, when I attended a frat party and saw Belle passionately grinding/making out with “Zhang Wei,”1 an acquaintance from one of my engineering courses. Whatever other excuses that I had, “being Asian” was no longer a valid one.

I was absolutely stunned. This dynamic was well outside my worldview. Asians dating white girls was fairly uncommon at my university, let alone hooking up (with a caliber of woman such as Belle, nonetheless!). What I did the next day was somewhat unorthodox— I reached out to Zhang Wei and requested a coffee chat. I wanted to learn more about how he perceived the world. Graciously, he agreed, and the lessons from that afternoon helped set in motion this journey of self-discovery.

I have had the opportunity to meet many players who I consider inspirations: Seven, Lee Cho, and Cypher. They’ve collectively crushed the notion that “being Asian” (or, in Seven’s case, “being Asian and short”) are valid excuses for not achieving a high level of success as a player. I consider myself fortunate to have had others blaze a trail and show me what is possible. I hope to inspire those that come after me.

  1. Women / The World

A guilty pleasure of mine is walking into a social circle / formal event with a hot, non-Asian date and having people stare at us. It’s as if a fuse is blown within their skull, as they can’t comprehend what’s happening. Asian men are supposed to be nerdy losers (“ricecels”), or, if they land a date, she’s supposed to be Asian. A few of these people have literally come up to me and attempted to rectify their worldview: “so you two are friends, right?” I’ll gently correct them as to the nature of our relationship: “we’re fucking” (in more polite terms).

As gratifying as this is, I’d prefer that future generations not have to deal with this kind of crappy starting line. I’d rather them focus on maximizing their game / opportunities without dealing with negative stereotypes (i.e. that our dicks are small, we’re nerdy / awkward / robotic / patriarchal) along the way. I want to normalize the image of strong, masculine Asian men, and part of this change starts with putting an example right in front of people’s eyes.

Some of my online presence has admittedly involved complaining about the current system. Racism encountered in game, while not more debilitating than being, say, poor, uneducated, and/or malformed, is a really sore spot— I’m deeply proud of my Asian heritage, and I hate that it’s that same heritage which makes things harder in the SMP. To be clear: these discussions are meant to elucidate the current state of affairs in order to create the best course of action. They are expressly not for the purpose of “educating” others in the way of typical social justice movements (really, just glorified whining).

Plus, it’s simply more fun to be an active participant— I want to see change in the world, and I also want to complete my own bucket list in the process (social justice only accomplishes the former, and I’m not even entirely convinced of that…). There are a number of non-Asian women for whom I’d been their “first Asian.” By leaving a good impression (taking them on cool dates, sharing my culture, and fucking them well), they further spread the Asian gospel: being more amenable to future Asian partners and evangelizing us to their friends.

@TheRedQuest has (hilariously) suggested that I produce amateur interracial Asian porn. This isn’t out of the question…

  1. The Self

A few years back, I met “Sarah” at a social event. She was my ideal type: thin brunette with an adventurous streak. At the time, I still doubted my own SMV, but these doubts didn’t stop me from talking with her, getting a number, and (fast forward a few dates) securing the lay. I surprised myself. There wasn’t anything remarkable about this lay, except that it was uncommon— I hadn’t normalized success in my worldview; I didn’t see myself as someone consistently able to sleep with quality women.

The self is the most important audience. Society socializes Asian men to feel shitty about themselves; especially during formative years, negative stereotypes are too easily embodied as internalized racism. For me, learning and evangelizing the Gospel is deeply intertwined with the journey of reshaping self-perception. I won’t sugarcoat things: this is an immensely complicated process. I’d personally recommend a combination of attending therapy, learning game, and taking shrooms in an intentional way.

After all, self-acceptance must be tempered with results. Unless you’re lying to yourself, you can’t “accept yourself” without providing just reason. Let the process consume you; allow it to bring you to greater heights than you could have imagined. I’ll go ahead and issue a warning that endless hedonism does not solve self-perception on its own (another way of stating the converse: results must be tempered with self-acceptance). In the midst of your kingdom, reflect back on these words. But for the time being, go forth and spread the Gospel.2

1not his actual name, but it was equally foreign in nature.
2and produce amateur Asian male/white female interracial porn while you’re at it.

One thought on “The Asian Gospel

  1. Hey, good stuff here… I don’t have time to more than skim it, but the premise sounds good and aligns well with an anti-victim growth mindset. Keep rocking and rolling it, Blackwing


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