MrBlackwing Goes to Europe (Act I)

Act I: MrBlackwing crash lands in Eastern Europe and lays some pipe

The Inspiration

It had been a very long time—just over three years—since I’d traveled outside the States, and, in all fairness, life was going well in NYC. I had a strong social circle, hobbies that kept me sane and engaged, and an extremely consistent gym routine that had started to yield returns. Game was going all right, and as of the time of departure, I had three active FWBs (from Tinder, nightgame, and social circle). Perhaps it’s a luxury state of mind, but I started to wonder: there must be more to life than just work, partying, and banging. As “luck” would have it, I got laid off earlier in the year, freeing the summer and fall for adventures. The question, then, was where in the world to visit and what I hoped to accomplish through travel [1]. The answer was pretty clear: Eastern Europe. It’s been a longtime bucket list item to visit, both for tourism and game. I’ve heard a lot of rumors, both from wings and internet research [2] that Asians are well-received in Eastern Europe. But rumors are rumors, and I wanted to investigate this for myself, especially in this period of my life when I’m single. There might not be another opportunity if I find the right girl. My tentative plan was to spend a few days in Prague, then two weeks spread across a few cities in Poland where I’d focus on game. And so less than a month later, I found myself aboard a plane to the land of red rooftops and liberal drinking laws.

[1] This “what I hoped to accomplish” thing is the kind of type-A bullshit that makes me really good at my job but kind of uptight when it comes to game and life.

[2] If you encounter an AMWF couple outside of the Anglosphere, there’s probably a >75% chance that the chick is an Eastern European of some flavor.

Crash Landing in Prague

The start of the trip was plagued by logistical issues: I was dealing with the aftermath of COVID from the previous weekend, not to mention jetlag from a mostly-sleepless redeye to Europe. Maybe a bigger issue was the friend that had come to visit me in Prague: a cool guy, but kind of clingy, and I think our travel styles are rather different: I’m incredibly independent, while he wanted to hang out the entire day. This, combined with the fact that he’s not game-aware, meant that I needed to find ways of (gracefully) swerving him during the daytime, so that I would have opportunities to daygame. Despite everything, I got some time on the streets:


approach: 8
contact: 4
approach (nightgame): 5
dates: 0

I immediately noticed that girls in Prague started at a much higher baseline receptiveness. Even if they had a boyfriend, they seemed to appreciate the approach. There was one set in particular that stood out. I approached Milana* next to Wenceslas Square. She was clearly in a hurry, but when I delivered my opener, it was as if time stopped for a moment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this amount of starting receptiveness from a set, ever. She told me that she was in a hurry to get to a meeting, but I was welcome to walk with her to the bus stop. The set had a solid mix of banter and vibing/comfort, though the conversational thread dropped a few times. I noticed that when the thread dropped, she’d ask a question to resurrect the interaction—this is very unlike my experiences Stateside, where pauses generally result in growing awkwardness, to a boiling point where she’d excuse herself from the set. I took Milana’s contact information as her bus arrived. Unfortunately, she left town the next day, leaving a parting message that I should reach out if I ever made it back to Prague…

I also had the opportunity to nightgame in Prague. The first evening, I went to a techno club—solid music but kind of a sausagefest, as is typical in the States. The density of IOIs received was nothing short of insane, particularly given the gender ratio. I was standing in the stairwell waiting for a friend, and the number of passing chicks who looked me firmly in the eye was astounding. In a past life, I had a limiting belief that brief eye contact, even if strong, was often a fluke—she caught your eyes purely by accident, and she’d be revolted if you took that as an invitation to approach. But as time goes on, I have begun to realize that chicks have a way of gauging attractiveness out of the corners of their vision. This determines whether they’ll allow the possibility of eye contact by looking in your direction; if they’re not interested, they won’t even allow this to happen.

Shenanigans in Poland

On Sunday morning, I woke up with a raging hangover mixed with anticipation for the next leg of the trip, where I’d have more time and space to spend on game. Later that day, I arrived in Wrocław just after the sun had set. My first order of business was of course to order a plate of pierogi, and over dinner I messaged a few Tinder leads. One Polish girl responded well to my opener, and she even took the initiative to drop a few hints: mentioning that it was her “name day” that day, and that she only had a quiet night planned. I was happy to take over (”let’s meet at Old Town Square at 9”), and took a quick nap/shower before meeting her there.

The date was fairly straightforward, though I had some apprehension of not being familiar with the area/having an escalation plan. After the first round of drinks, I mentioned that I had soju at my hostel, to which she countered with Prosecco at her place. We arrived at her apartment, which was vastly more modern and spacious than my own in NYC (Poland is serious about quality of life and allowing couples to have children, so they are building a lot of housing), and I went to the bathroom while she poured me a glass of wine. I was somewhat suspicious of the wine, given that the process had been really smooth-sailing, but soon we were making out, and she invited me into her bedroom. +1, and a new flag: 🇵🇱.

Wrocław Nightgame, Part I

I wanted to try something new the first evening. When I walked into the club, the first thing that I did was take a lap around the venue and attempt to project good vibes (some mixture of “swagger” and “openness”) to see what would happen. I got at least two overt IOIs, with a few more chicks glancing at me out of the corner of their eyes. Fascinating. We tend to think of vibe as an emotional state, but there seems to be something tangible that nearby chicks can detect with their sixth sense. I settled at the bar and ordered a USD$5 (!) cocktail.

While the bartender was at work, I noticed a pair of girls dancing nearby and occasionally making out. They were horribly mismatched in terms of attractiveness: one of them was petite and the other chubby [1]. The hot one left for the bathroom, and I noticed the chubby one looking my way. I waved at her, she waved back, and we started talking. Wiktoria* [2] had surprisingly good game for a girl: she closed the distance between us, and attempted to dance with me by placing her arms around my neck. I quickly shut her down, and when the hottie came back, I had Wiktoria introduce me to her. Zuzia* was a true spinner—tight body packed into a tight dress, tatted with with artful makeup: kind of like a “Polish ABG” if such a thing existed. It quickly became clear, though, that Zuzia was a tease. She latched onto the nearest guy who wasn’t paying attention to her, encouraged him to dance with her, and once he gave her attention, she’d move on. I had seen this enough times in my game career to not take her too seriously.

Still, this pair of girls and their male Korean friends made for good company. It’s extremely advantageous when solo nightgaming to have a “home base.” Having people to talk to helps maintain a social mood in between approaches. More specifically for nightgame, your company is your social proof, and having a group is more understood/respected than being seen alone. I made a few other approaches that night, but they didn’t go anywhere. Wiktoria also made a second pass at me, and when I turned her down again, she looked as if she was going to cry.

I felt bad for this girl: she could see me approaching other girls in the club, so I was clearly available, but I flat out rejected her. I suspect that many guys would rather accept an easy lay offer than grind for a hottie, so the fact that I stopped Wiktoria’s escalations cold conveyed the extreme SMV disparity. Also, I think it takes the average chick courage (or desperation) to buck conventions and make the approach—I respected her efforts, even if I wasn’t interested.

[1] This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this setup. I suspect that it’s intentional—the hot one unanimously retains her position of queen bee, while the other has exposure to hot guys attracted by the hottie.

[2] Note: in Polish, the “w” is pronounced similar to the English “v” (i.e. “Victoria”).

Wrocław Nightgame, Part II

The Flirty Witch

When I first saw her on the dancefloor, I was instantly attracted. She wore a little black dress, lace arm sleeves, and a pair of plastic glasses. She had this playful, flirty energy that, paired with some apparent lesbian tendencies, suggested that she’d be a lot of fun in bed. Most likely a low-7, but she matched my dream archetype (adventurous nerd) and that made her an easy 10 in my book.

Initially, she was dancing nearby with another guy but was clearly turning down his attempts to dance closely with her. After a little while, the guy became frustrated and left. She danced alone for a bit, but after our eyes met on the dancefloor, she started to gravitate towards me. I thought to myself: “oh shit, is this happening?” This really cute girl is sending very strong signals… given how rare this is in America, it’s almost suspiciously easy. But who knows? This is Poland, and thus far I’ve seen/encountered positive receptions.

I met Marta* in the middle of the dance floor, and I spun her before pulling her close and playfully accusing her of being trouble. She was startled by this accusation and actually pulled me by the hand into the smoking room: “I’m not trouble, am I?” “You’re definitely trouble—you’ve already spilled my drink within a minute of meeting me” (I was saying all of this with the cheekiest smile I could muster, though I’m not quite sure if she understood that I was kidding). She insisted to me that: “I’m not trouble… I’m a good girl.” “We’ll see about that.” We headed back out to the dance floor. After some more close dancing, I tell her to introduce me to her fat friend Alexa who had been standing at the bar watching us nonstop. I found Alexa physically repulsive, but I reasoned that it would be important to build rapport with her so she doesn’t cockblock me later. I asked Alexa whether Marta was trouble, and Alexa was equally shocked at the statement [1]. Alexa qualified for her, saying that she’s an angel. The two of them headed to the upstairs bar in order to redeem their drink tickets, and then all of us went back onto the dancefloor.

At this point, things started to escalate—fast. The girls put on a risqué lesbian show, openly French kissing, while Alexa’s hands disappeared underneath Marta’s dress. When Marta looked in my direction, we started making out as well. This was an insanely hot moment, but it was also when the alarm bells started ringing. It had definitely been too easy to get to this point. I think I’m decent looking, but I don’t get many “freebies” solely from my physical SMV. But in the absence of further evidence of what was actually going on, I might as well enjoy it, right? I wanted this to be true. I wanted to believe.

Things continued to escalate, and I found myself sandwiched between the two girls. I was still making out with Marta, my hands groping her ass underneath her skirt. From behind, Alexa ran her hands on my ass and pecs. It would’ve been nice if both chicks were hot, but I didn’t really care because I was making out with the attractive one while the fat one was completely out of sight. It’s just fun to be surrounded by woman. Eventually, Marta broke the kiss and left for the bathroom, promising to come right back. Roughly ten minutes elapsed, in which Alexa and I stood around awkwardly, and after five more minutes we went looking for her. We found her on the other dancefloor, where she was talking and flirting with two Korean dudes. Fuck!

What the hell? She had been giving such strong signals to me just a few moments ago. My instincts had been correct in that things were too easy, i.e. “fool’s gold.” I have this pocket hypothesis that chicks who go out with the firm intention of not having sex will allow everything else to occur, and on an accelerated timeline. This allows them to enjoy the sexual tension of the process without the slutty feeling of her body count incrementing. I walked up and opened the group as a whole before addressing Marta directly. She completely brushed me off and continued flirting with the other guys, much in the style that Zuzia had the night prior. Fuck, I felt tilted, and it likely showed on my face—a distinct loss of frame for me.

I took a lap around the venue to clear my head before again re-approaching the group [2]. This time I was more aggressive. Given that neither of the Korean guys were making a move, I wrapped my hand around her waist and said: “It’s been too long, wifey. Let’s go dance.” She agreed but told me to wait a moment because she was in the middle of exchanging contact information with one of the guys. This was obviously not a good sign, but my thought process was that club numbers were worthless and of everyone present, I’m the one who’s actually escalating. Hopefully this time I’d keep her attention long enough for the pull.

Eventually Marta came with me to the other dancefloor, with Alexa tagging along. As we moved into the crowd Marta said that she wanted another drink before dancing. I was really cognizant that the momentum was tenuous at best, so I pulled a bill from my wallet and told Alexa to grab drinks for us. She refused, throwing a fit about it, while Marta acted adamant about the drink. Once again, I found myself overruled by the girls—in hindsight I wonder what, if anything, could have been done at this point. While we’re waiting for drinks, I bantered with Marta, continuing the husband-wife roleplay. I remember asking her: “so what does marriage mean to you?” She replied with: “friendship, love, and… lots of sex.”

Again, my suspicions were raised. It was similar to the earlier moment at the bar, when she suggestively questioned me about “what we’re doing afterwards.” What made me suspicious here was the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever closed a girl who was this sexually upfront [3]. Even the biggest sluts that I’ve met in my life have generally acted lowkey… up until we’ve gotten to the bedroom. So while it’s possible that she was super horny and DTF, something didn’t seem right. I think this is related to my earlier hypothesis, where a girl who knows she isn’t having sex that night might be more willing to bring up dirty topics. At one moment, I was talking about something with Alexa, and Marta was trying to get my attention. I froze her out, while finishing my thought. I didn’t want to further yield frame for her given her recent behavior. The bartender was slammed, and at some point, Marta disappeared again. Alexa and I waited for her for about five minutes before investigating, and again I saw her with the two Koreans sitting on one of the couches. Game over.

I felt tilted beyond belief. I had seemingly been en route to close a girl of my dream archetype; we were dancing and making out, but suddenly the rug had been pulled from underneath me. She was likely a massive cocktease, but at that moment I just felt defeated and decided to call it a night. But fate had different plans for me. As I made towards the exit, I ran into the girls from the night prior—Wiktoria and Zuzia—and they convinced me to stay for at least one more drink given that it wasn’t even midnight yet. As I drank and chatted with the girls, Wiktoria attempted to dance with me, again.

I still had standards, so despite being tilted out of orbit I wasn’t about to take home a fat chick. But this inspired a thought process: an effective way of creating attraction in nearby girls is having other chicks interested in you: preselection, essentially. And so when Wiktoria placed her arms on my shoulders, I looked up into her eyes… and then past her face to where Zuzia was sitting. I mean, c’mon, preselection is only effective if the competition is hot, and tonight Zuzia was wearing a tight white dress and very bright red lipstick. Even better was the fact that she wasn’t interested in me, so she’d ostensibly be more willing to play the part of “random slut competition” knowing I wouldn’t try and fuck her. I dropped Wiktoria’s hands from my shoulders and explained my plan to Zuzia. I felt kind of bad because I was talking to Zuzia about my earlier rejection, while Wiktoria was hustling her best: “I’m right here, why doesn’t he notice me?” I wonder if this is how hot chicks feel on a regular basis.

My plan was to have her pretend to be my “wifey” and see if I could instigate some dread game. After I described my plan, Zuzia looked me in the eye and signed: “You’re such a dumbass.” Still, she stood up with me to go outside [4] and attempt the ploy. It was raining outside, and I spotted Marta in a nearby tent, where she was cuddled up against (yet another) guy. Arm in arm, I pulled Zuzia over towards the tent and introduced her as my “wifey” (callback humor from earlier). I said that we can’t stay long, and soon after we headed back into the club where I got Zuzia a drink for her troubles. This strategy didn’t work at all. I never saw Marta ever again.

In retrospect, I think the ideas behind the plan were solid, but the execution was too clumsy. The fact that we went outside to find Marta meant that I was inherently in a qualifying frame, i.e. I was attempting to show off this hot girl in order to impress/ provoke a reaction from Marta. It would’ve been more effective had we simply walked by the tent while holding hands or displaying some other form of PDA. Or, even better, if Marta saw us in the club dancing close/grinding. This plot had just been too explicit in showing off, which resulted in approval-seeking overtones.

[1] Given how much positive reception I’d already received, I wonder whether further teasing was maintaining the energy or “overcooking” the lead. I’ve spent so much time in a previous life as a nice guy that I feel a strange comfort in challenging.

[2] In hindsight, this set was probably already lost at this point, and further attempts just fed into her validation loop. In the moment, I was intoxicated with Marta, especially how (seemingly) close I’d come to fulfilling my club SNL fantasy. I had to try again.

[3] I generally try to inject sexuality in a covert way, e.g. talking about skinny dipping. Marta explicitly brought up sex, and brought it up early: most chicks are too shy to do so.

[4] Again, having this crew to back me up was incredibly useful. They helped me stabilize, and then Zuzia helped me out with the plot.

The Petite Redhead

I was hanging out with the Korean guys of the group on the side of the bar (same venue) when a two set walked past us. The shorter girl gave me one of the biggest IOIs of my life: she stared deeply into my eyes until someone passed in between us, interrupting the line of sight. When the person moved on, her eyes found mine once more. The pair of girls then headed towards the dance floor. I thought to myself: okay, okay, there’s no way I can not approach after a signal like that. I told my friends that I’d be right back and found my way onto the dancefloor. I opened Yana* playfully: “there’s no way you can look into my eyes like that and not say hello. I’m ‘MrBlackwing.’” She introduced herself in turn but was quiet/reserved. All of a sudden, the momentum seemed to have disappeared [1]: perhaps the IOI was a red herring? Unsure of what to do next, I bounced from the set and returned to my friends. I made another pair of approaches to no avail.

Later in the evening, I was once again hanging at the bar when I saw a girl sitting alone, texting on her phone and looking kind of unhappy. I opened her using my Foolproof Tinder Opener™️ before realizing: this was the girl from earlier who gave me the massive IOI! She didn’t seem to understand my opener at all, so I just smiled and said I was joking. Even if the joke fell flat, the nonverbals carried the opener: she could tell that I wanted to talk to her in a man-to-woman way, and that I was offering a banterous energy. I made a cold read that she was alone because her friend had found someone, hence why she was on Tinder herself—to find her own love. She confirmed that was what happened. I didn’t want to dwell on the subject, so I attempted to reframe the situation: “That’s rude. Well, we’re here and the night is still young, so let’s dance.”

I led her by the hand onto the stage and we danced for a little while. Her body language was still closed like before, and she didn’t seem receptive to physical escalation (dancing close, etc.) All of a sudden, she checked her phone and told me that “she’d be right back” before heading back to the bar. I stood there for about 5-10 minutes before heading back to my friends. I kind of figured that the lack of progress with escalation and telling me “she’d be right back” was a soft way of rejecting me. To my surprise, after maybe another ten minutes had passed, I noticed that she made a return to our spot on the dancefloor—definitely a green light [2]. I navigated back through the crowd and reopened her.

This time, she wanted to get another drink before continuing to dance. Generally I’m very hesitant to buy stuff for girls [3] but here, I was seeing clear compliance: she came back to find me after sorting out whatever needed to be done. As a rule, as long as you’re seeing compliance and things are progressing towards the lay, it’s totally okay to invest more time, attention, and money into her. After her friend left, she was much more relaxed on the dancefloor, and it wasn’t long before we were making out on the main stage. After a while of this, I decided it was time to move things along, so I suggested that we take a break and go outside. We found a secluded picnic table to sit, and this was the point in the evening when we actually got to vibe.

Talking required a fair bit of Google translate, but words themselves weren’t that important. More important was the body language: smiling, projecting positive energy, and enjoying the moment for what it was. I asked her what her favorite drink was, and then told her my favorite was soju. I let it slip that I actually had a few bottles of soju that I’d procured in Prague [4], and that she was welcome to come over and have a drink with me: “I don’t have any expectations—I’m just enjoying my time with you and don’t want it to end.” She agreed, but wanted to dance more. Internally, I thought to myself that going back into the club was a step backwards, but she had agreed to come over later so perhaps this was a net positive progress. In any case, at this point in the evening (1:30AM) I was all-in on this set. We went inside again, got another drink, and danced even more. I escalated even harder, and started to see her really open up—we were grinding on the dancefloor, a stark difference from her shy self earlier in the evening. After a short while, I felt the tiredness slip in, and I told her: “Let’s go.” This time I didn’t ask. I just led.

Outside the club, I called a cab for us, and we ended back at my private hostel room around 3AM. Internally, I was concerned that the hostel would complicate things: I had mistakenly booked a room without an ensuite bathroom, and the room was connected to the main lounge through just a flimsy door. Certainly not the best circumstances for a pull. But it didn’t turn out to be an issue. I poured us some soju and we continued making out on my couch. As things escalated, I made sure to check her ID to verify that she was actually 18. Turns out she lied about her age… she was 20! I asked why she’d told me otherwise, and she said something along the lines of men “liking younger girls,” as if 20 wasn’t young. I could only laugh to myself: some chicks have no delusions about what men really want.

Eventually we moved things to the bed, but it was here that I encountered a stiff amount of LMR. She was reluctant to even take her shirt off! Later I’d learn this reluctance was due to a massive scar across her chest from a childhood accident as well as the fact that… she was a virgin. At around 5AM, I threw in the towel. I thought to myself: I have one last day in this city tomorrow, and there’s an event in the evening that has a higher-than-average probability of yielding a Hail Mary. Also, we seemed to be deadlocked at this point. So I gave her an ultimatum: she could sleep over, or I’d call a cab. In either case, we were done drinking. I honestly didn’t really care at this point—the sun had started to rise in the distance, and I just wanted sleep. She protested, wanting to open yet another bottle of soju, but I shut it down, feeling sleep-deprived and kind of annoyed at this point. I was also satisfied with how far I’d come—this was my first ever club pull, even if it hadn’t resulted in a lay. She elected to stay, and we passed out for an hour or so. I woke up with Yana cuddled around me, planting soft kisses on the back of my neck. I turned to return the kiss, and this time she didn’t stop the escalation: +1 🇺🇦.

I remember thinking two things to myself while balls deep: younger really is tighter. Also, I can’t believe that I’ve pulled this off. This was my first ever nightgame SNL, a goal that I’d thought was impossible for the longest time. To clarify: I’ve always believed that my game results have been anchored by being an adventurous, well-rounded guy, but that I lacked the “excitement” or “physical SMV” or some other je ne sais quoi required for success in nightgame. It’s hard to put into words the sensation of accomplishing a long time goal (>5 years) that you’re not even sure is possible. We cuddled for a little while longer, before getting breakfast and parting ways. I was a new man from this night.

Wrocław (recap)

approach: 9
contact: 4
approach (nightgame): 7
dates: 0
lays: 1 (+1 off tinder)

[1] Later she would tell me that she really liked my approach but felt extremely shy because of how bold/confident it had been. In the moment, I had misread her silence as disinterest instead of nervousness. Note for the future: in the absence of an IOD (or IOI, for that matter), continue leading the set until the signals are clearer.

[2] Yana had left to send her friend off with the guy she’d met. I had been extra skeptical given what had happened earlier with Marta.

[3] This is a remnant of my nice guy days, when I’d do such things for girls I was interested in, and, not having established my value or sexual intent, was more often than not disappointed at the results.

[4] I had purchased the soju for this exact situation: to provide plausible deniability for her to come over, and to have something to drink as she becomes comfortable at your place. The choice of soju was very deliberate: it’s delicious, and, given that it’s a Korean liquor, very well-recognized by chicks who potentially have yellow fever.

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